A Natural RULE
"The truth is our garden planet."

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Administrator Interface

Domain / Dominion
Overview of an Arka (Pluralized belief)

!!! important, because no attempt to tear the churches down to natural beliefs is implied. The diety and god structures are not indicate because i dont understand them yet. I am not as educated as others among the akitypes, yet. ark and catholic, relative to a few other beliefs, i could hold my ground in a debate. to such an extent.

In the next few months we will be transitioning to a mobile / remote workload participation model. If you would like to participate with developing platforms and work flow processes and among assignments, or you would like volunteer to edit, improve and amend any of this documentation and assembly of presentation, contact us!

ARCH Routing
  • Land Surface
  • Land Sub Surface
  • Sea Surface
  • Sea Sub Surface
  • Sky Surface (Orbit)
  • Sky Sub surface
  • Individual Among


The Government of an ARK
Take the Oath of the Elluminous

The Government of an Arch (GoA)
Take the Oath of the Elluminous.

Reference administration for the type of service you seek. To volunteer, you must visit a natural temple of the garden planet. Once you volunteer, your service is to this planet and territory areas, and with the discretion of your selection for belief. The Government of America, is a reference to that land before men named it, the deities, the angels and others of our territory unknown to men who came here, and those of my ancestors.

Point Perspective(s) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, of x)

This is administrative section for ARCH Government. Each animal is born, and learns to move or live while establishing their dominion and exploring or maintaining it during their lives as home among the continuum's and competition of all the others said to live on the garden planet. Belief Calendar
  • Calendar Indicates early work to establish a Calendar of natural belief. This calendar is used for scientific discovery.
Cartography, Government of an ARK and America
This is important for time modeling, and the progression of belief, government, science, and currency models. Currency (GoA, Non Digital)
International Standards Exchange
(In Development: Updated 08312018) Directory
  • Property Directory A directory of domains assembled. These are each evaluated regularly for correctness, and include more information useful at perspective.
  • radio.governmentofanarch.com A digital Choir! This musical Selection is classical, opera, and modern epic music and choirs. The invitation by intelligence for russia to play orchestra at the natural temple of Palmyra (Recent History, Natural Belief or Nations) before toppling the third government of the middle east, and destroying arches looking like half of the 0|p|0 equation, is not exactly competition for streaming media. Click on the link to explore the natural temple warfare. The Americas are known as natural nations among two continents. This "Theater of operations" is playing out on multiple continents.
  • scope.governmentofanarch.com Perspectives and observations over time.
Fellow Directory (an Ark)(Life File)(Add your profile link and perspective) Government Government of anArch Laboratories: Qualified Intelligent Orders Natural Government of a Point RULE
  • Florida State, Florida Arch RULE A perspective of management and interacting with the procedures established for participating and seeking agreement among men in Florida.
  • Established by GoA Fellow, as required by the state.
  • Request Project data via email, mail, or text messenger.
  • Web forms to contact Michael
  • Send an email to contact@governmentofanarch.com
  • Forum: Time Travelers, Ghosts, Aliens, and Communications A Forum to be organized like an library is depicted here, and will later be assembled with this domain group.
  • Forum: Haunted America Spirits, Angels, demons, arhon, deities, Arch Angels and greater spirits of man and animals. This Section is being developed at this address until a place is found among web properties to better indicate like an encyclopedia and with library to manage those references.
  • Join our conversation about "Weaker than a Spiderweb" and statement that Florida State is not Weaker than a Spiderweb, even with grass roots ballot targeting of our elections by drill machines, weaponized media, and induction deployments shaped like spider webs; by Illumuel on Twitter Social Media. The importance here is a defense of a trust for agreement.
Planning and Construction Political Representation
  • Government of America; Natural Government Perspective, Survives the American Union.
  • American Party (Forum) A collection of political organizations, with information presented having a perspective of the garden planet and management in accordance with. This political group is not the only group with representation, and eventually a library will be assembled for perspectives of one politician, organization or another assembled with this domain group as part of the community.
  • American Union and United States of America (Web Property) A perspective of agreements among men, above men, in America. This section will grow to include references among the continents, and indicating evaluations of leadership or procedure with perspective of the garden planet or other procedures, and with a place for formal and informal submissions and discussions.
  • AmericanUnion.net Intel Set has been deprecated to FTP as out of date data set.
Project: ONSEA.net
Project onSEA.net Is a naval defense research opportunity on the shoreline coast of Florida. I will be traveling the shores and waterways while working with Quantum Bell Inc., to identify areas of opportunity for defense, and any connections to land based distributed systems mapped by our company. Would you like volunteer and sail with us? Send an email to contact@quantumbell.net.
  • Visit the project at ONSEA.net On Sea, On Sea; A naval greeting.
  • Laboratory ONSEA; technical developments for defense and land to sea communications and innovations. Servers Arizona and Florida.
Project: Second Heart
Science Special Projects Support Temple(s) Volunteer

The Government of our Nation and States
A Guide to Interacting as an individual of differing belief or reference.

Administration of anAmerica (A natural persepctive of america)

Database, FTP, and Telnet TLD structures for reference
These are being established for remote workers to communicate information regarding defense and to identify other methods to locate and resolve the problems of conflict in one town or another.
  • FTP Routing
  • Telnet Server and Switch gear Routing
  • Database Routing
  • Microsoft, Gmail, and other Drive Account linkages
  • Server Routing
  • Communications
  • Click here for more information.

Land Skies
Ocean Orbit

The belief is important for me relative to the gods. The planet is billions of years untold in age, and gods were here among men before electricity, artificial radio signaling and man made satellites. The planet, perhaps born of the star, our environment born of this planets, and of those environments and titans, the birth of life, our flocks, and mankind.

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